Tesla Solar Roof

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Contact our expert solar team and we will review your submission.  A solar analysis will be conducted and we will contact you with a ballpark estimate.

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Our team will evaluate your home and specific energy needs to determine the optimum design for your project.


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We take care of everything so you don't have to worry. From local permitting to installation of your system our team is here to support your project.

Don't Replace Your Roof Upgrade It

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Modern Sleek Aesthetics

Tesla Solar Roof is designed for the future with durability in mind.

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Reduce Utility Rates

The only roof that pays for it's self over the course of it's lifetime.

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Built-in Connectivity

Tesla Solar Roof with built-in connectivity allows you to monitor energy performance.

Curious what your utility bill will look like in 25 years if you DON’T go solar?

Plug in your address and your average monthly energy bill to see how much more you can save over time.