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Bringing Clean Energy to El Paso

Everything’s bigger in Texas and the abundance of sunshine in El Paso, Texas is no exception! Combine that with lower-than-average solar costs and it’s the perfect combination for residents who want to go solar and save on their monthly utility bills.

The Lone Star State is at the heart of our nation’s energy industry and plays a pivotal role in the electric industry as well. Homeowners across the state have access to rebate programs and special policies that will save them thousands on the cost of installing a solar system (in addition to their monthly savings on their energy bills).

Solar Benefits in El Paso

  • No out-of-pocket costs
  • 20+ years financing term
  • Generous tax and state incentives
  • You can “rent” your system for a monthly fee with a 25-year system guarantee: if it breaks, we’ll fix it
  • When you sell your home, you can assign the lease to the new homeowner

Solar Incentives & Rebates in El Paso, Texas

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, Texas is ranked as a top 10 state for solar with its plentiful sunshine and affordable solar options. Here are some of the major rebates and incentives available to El Paso homeowners who are ready to go solar and save: 

  • Net Metering

    While there’s currently not a statewide net metering policy in Texas, there are utility companies (including El Paso Electric) in the state with policies that credit homeowners who install solar on their roof. When those panels don’t produce enough energy to power their homes (on cloudy days or at night, for example), residents can use their accumulated net metering credits instead of paying the utility company for electricity. 

  • Federal Solar Tax Credit

    You can reduce the cost of your solar photovoltaic (PV) system by 26% with the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) when you purchase your system with a solar loan or cash. 

  • Property Tax Exemption

    Texas residents can enjoy the increase in home value that going solar brings without paying higher property taxes thanks to the renewable energy property tax exemption.

  • Solar Rights Law

    Many times, residents who live in a neighborhood with a homeowner’s association (HOA) need approval or are prevented from adding solar panels on their roof. Texas has a solar rights law in place that prevents HOAs from banning solar panel installations on residents’ homes.

  • CPS Energy

    CPS Energy customers are eligible to receive up to $1.20/W of solar panels installed on their roof. As more solar is installed, the incentive value drops so going solar sooner rather than later can yield a higher return. 

Financing Options

Flexible Options are Available So You Can Start Saving From Day 1


The Quickest Path To Solar

When you purchase solar outright, you have complete access to federal, state, and local solar initiatives, where available.


Own Your System With Payments

Your system is purchased outright and you make payments on your loan.


No Up-Front Cost & Easy Approval

Leasing your system typically offers immediate utility savings and leads to increased savings over time as traditional energy costs rise.

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What People Have to Say

Kyle A.

"Solarize promised a fast install and delivered even through the holiday season! There was never a moment their team failed to update me on the progress or answer any questions we had. Great communication and caring employees!" 

Pricila L.

"Solarize did our Solar panels. They were great to work from the 1st meeting till the end. All of the staff from office, sales & installers were great! I cant emphasize enough how they do have a great product! They send the emails made calls to us with every step of the installment. We would totally recommend Soarize For your Solar panels. They have a price range for everyone. Before you know it, your electricity bill be near nothing. 10* from us."

Alyssa L.

"Even through all the hectic issues with COVID, the Solarize team helped me get panels up fast and efficiently! Our power bill is one less thing we have to worry about which is much needed in times like these."

Irene C.

"Solarize is the interface company used by the people who installed my solar panels and power system. Due to problems with equipment installed at my home, I had numerous contacts with both office and field reps from Solarize. They were always professional and courteous even on days when I wasn't. One major ongoing problem took over 4 months to resolve and the folks at Solarize were right there doing everything they could to help. Without them, I wouldn't have hair today! Thanks. Solarize!"

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